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Guide to Buy Swing Sets Online

When you’re ready to buy a swing set for your child, you want to be a little choosy. Why? Because it’s an investment-not just a monetary one, but one that should pay off big in regards to memories as well. Today’s swing sets have some pretty unique design options, allowing you to easily customize something that fits your child’s personality as well as be a safe, fun unit. This guide will help you get the perfect swing set for your budget and family needs.

guide to buy the right swing set

This guide will help you find the right swing set for your budget and family.

After a brief glance, the Kangaroo Kavern with monkey bars may look like a beautiful and strong play set that any child can thoroughly enjoy. However, the true beauty and strength will require a closer look. When you’re shopping for a swing set, look out for the following things:

swing set astm certified

Swing sets need to meet the safety standards set by ASTM.

Safety Standards: Few parents are aware of something called “ASTM“, which stands for The American Society for Testing and Materials.  These are VOLUNTARY standards that a manufacturer can adhere to, and shows how they have taken the extra step in ensuring the safety of your child.  Chose a play set that has the ASTM seal.

How is The hardware?  Everything on the set should be ready for rigorous play.  Look closely at the sets and actually feel the difference.

rounded wood on swingset hardware

Swing set hardware should always be rounded to avoid scrapes.

Are the hardware and components rounded? Rounded bolts and screws help avoid cuts and scrapes during play. Also, can save a lot of ripped clothing.

Is the frame treated to be resistant to rot and decay? Untreated wood is vulnerable to the wrath of mother nature. Treating your swing set periodically will protect your investment for many years beyond the warranty.

recessed hardware
Are the bolts and hardware recessed? Reduces cuts and scrapes.

strong swing chains

Only buy belt swings with Plastisol coating

What are the swing chains made of? If you were born in any time from the 1950’s to the late 1980’s you might be all too familiar with the pain that cheap metal chains could cause. Plastisol coated swing chains can eliminate pinched fingers and is cool to the touch on even the warmest summer days. Make sure that the play set you want has plastisol coated chains!

Do the swing hangers look cheap? Swing hangers are the first component that is buy a swing set for kidsresponsible to keep the belt swing on the swing beam. Heavy duty ductile iron swing hangers are strong enough to hold up to 250 lbs. per swing. Watch out for small cheap looking swing hangers, as they could cost you more in the long run!

Is it easy to get splinters during play? Low quality swing sets will be a splinter hazard. Swing sets made with pine or redwood are virtually splinter-free so kids can play worry free!

Does the set provide a buffer zone?  You should leave 6′ of buffer zone around the set on all sides.  Choosing too large of a set will negatively impact the safety of it.

The color of the wood:  Does it scratch off easily?  is it treated against insects and decay?  Does it use a stain that penetrates the wood for fade resistance?

REALLY look at the wood on the play set:  Everyone gravitates towards cedar, but did you know that Yellow southern Pine is 2x stronger?  Are the planks of the wood thick, or thin and flimsy?

The Warranty:  Definitely do a comparison here and make sure you’re comparing “apples to apples”.

Before you Buy Swing Sets, Think Quality First!

In short, go beyond the price when you buy swing sets. Many elements are much more important and perhaps, if you are looking at one that seems “cheap” there’s a reason for it.  Chose a manufacturer who puts the safety of your child paramount and offers you a quality, long lasting product…that you can turn around and resell at a later point in time!

buying swing sets

Take a closer look before you buy swing sets!

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