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Swing Sets

Wooden Swing Sets with Free Shipping & Discounts up to 30%

Our selection of wooden swing sets will bring tons of adventure right to your backyard. Kids will love the multiple play options while parents will love the premium features and affordability that is built into each swing set. When we designed our swing sets, we wanted to incorporate children's favorite playtime activities along with premium wood and hardware components. The end result are the swing sets showcased on this page. 

Worry-Free Play Guarantee on Swing Sets

Backed by a Limited Lifetime Warranty on wood components, our wooden swing sets can handle the toughest play on the block. Treated to be resistant to rot, decay and insects, our swing sets require minimal maintenance. We carefully round off all corners and use heavy-duty recessed hardware to eliminate cuts and scrapes. That way your family can spend more time enjoying the swing set without any major concern for safety.

All of our premium features are complemented by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.satisfaction on wooden swing sets With the widest selection of wooden swing sets online… your child's dream of the perfect play set is just a click away.


safe wooden swing sets

Safety First, Always!

You can rest easily knowing our wooden swing sets are designed following strict safety guidelines set by ASTM. Engineered for the ultimate backyard adventure, safety will always be paramount during our design process.

Did you Know Swing Sets Help Children Develop Mentally and Physically?

wooden swing sets online Build Physical Skills: Running, swinging, climbing, jumping and sliding. Improves endurance, builds muscles and helps develop coordination and balance. Play helps to build active, healthy bodies and may reduce the risk of childhood obesity.
swing sets help kids developDevelop Social Skills: Children learn decision making skills, resolve differences, negotiate and build self-confidence.



swingsets for kids to learnStimulate Learning & Creativity: Children learn to use their imagination and see how things work and pick-up new ideas.