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Swing Set Safety Pledge

swing set safety astmOur designers have created rigorous swing set safety and quality standards to ensure your loved ones are safe during play. As an ASTM International member, we meet and exceed all applicable guidelines for product materials and testing. We firmly believe in the principle that safety is a choice, not by chance.

Our Premium Swing Set Safety Features:

  • recessed wood safetyRecessed Bolts and Hardware:
    All bolts and screws are recessed to reduce cuts, scrapes or torn clothes during play. Kids love to play hard and this safety feature ensures that their pathway to fun is clear of unnecessary hazards.
  • rounded wood posts swingsetsRounded Corners and Edges:
    In addition to recessed hardware, we round every corner and edge until it's smooth to the touch. This eliminates unnecessary finger splinters and torn clothes.

  • plastisol coated safety swing chainsBelt Swings Coated with Plastisol:

    If you grew up in the 1980's and the early 1990's, chances are you remember the uncomfortable feeling when your little fingers would get pinched by the metal chains. The chains on our belt swings are coated with plastisol to eliminate finger pinching. In addition, plastisol remains cool to the touch, even on warm summer days! Lastly, plastisol reduces material deterioration and eliminates chain noise.

  • safety swing hangersHeavy Duty Swing Hangers:

    Considering swings are one of the most beloved swing set accessory, it's crucial for swing hangers to be strong and durable to withstand years of play. Our heavy duty swing hangers are constructed with a combination of casted steel parts bolted together into a connector assembly. This allows for a full range of motion as your child swings higher and higher. This is one of the most important swing set safety features as your child seeks new heights while swinging.

  • safety handlesSafety Assist Handles:

    Safety handles are there whenever your child needs something to grab onto when climbing up a ladder to reach the play deck. Our safety handles are strategically placed on our swing sets to make transitions from one area to the next much easier.

  • swing set safety woodguardWoodguard™ Posts:

    Woodguard™ plastic-coated wood posts eliminates warping, splintering and maintenance. No more splinters!
    *Only included on pine swing sets
  • With our premium swing set safety features, kids can do what they do best; be kids!

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